Cinering® ring light - stands by at the ready

Lightest Cinema Ring Light. Period.


M321 | Standard Cinering® - 8.5" Inside Diameter (Round)

XLO | Oval Cinering® - 10.25" x 14.25" Inside Diameter

  • Full color temperature control 2800° -  6000°
  • CRI Avg. 95 @ 100%
  • Fully Dimmable from 3% - 100%
  • Full Wireless or Local Control
  • 1.3 Amp draw (M321) / 1.75 Amp draw (XLO) @ 12VDC
  • Easy power connection options
  • Control in complex cues via DMX console or use proprietary wireless remote control
  • Weather Resistant & Durable
  • Lightweight - Just 15.3 oz.*
  • Ideal for Steadicam & Handheld


Simply Beautiful. Simply Cinering®

Cinering® ring light - for the most demanding studio needs

"One of the best tools in the box."

Buzz Feitshans, DP - "Young Sheldon"

Cinering® M321 | Available Now

How can ring lights become a part of your lighting game?

So often in lighting a variety of scenes, you need a small final touch to fill in eyes, or to add a  bit of fill to a rough portion of a walk and talk. When thinking about how to solve these problems, many people don’t consider a ring light as an option, as many ring lights they’ve worked with in the past were bulky and hard to control as camera and talent moved in relation to one another.
Cinering® shines outside of the traditional spaces one thinks about ring lights (i.e. beauty, music videos) precisely because it gives you the control you need for these situations. Able to come in only during the rough patch of that walk and talk, or come down dramatically as the actress lands on her final perfectly lit mark, just helping fill her as she enters from a darkened hallway. It can shift colors as actors move through different lighting environments, or stand by on a steadicam ready to be faded up if a little more fill is needed as actors move through the scene.

Paul Maibaum, ASC says:

"Besides the Cinering's® incredible ease of use I have found it to be the proverbial ‘Hail Mary’ light in so many set ups. In need of that excruciatingly small bit of fill light to open up the performer's eyes? Cinering® to the rescue. I will not do a show without the Cinering® LED ring light in my kit."

Cinering® can become your secret weapon too. It will also become a key component in your tool chest of lighting equipment that gets you out of trouble when the going gets tough.


It can add a little bit of extra fill to your actress or key them as they run through the woods or a darkened alley. Wireless dimming and color control allow a variety of possibilities. Of course, it can also be used for more traditional uses as well. Either way, you’ll forget it’s on the camera weighing in at just 15.3 oz.*

Please contact us if you want to make Cinering® a part of your lighting game, and we can help determine which model fit’s your show’s needs and get you set up.

*M321 DUAL Mount = 15.3oz. / XLO = 19.5oz.

Cinering® Technical Specifications - For the most demanding pros
Cinering® M321

Available Now


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