Inner Diameter:  O - 8.50” (Round) | XLO - 10.25 x 14.25 (Oval)

Outer Diameter:  O - 11.75” (Round) | XLO - 13.75" x 17.75" (Oval)

Thickness:  0.75”

Wireless Ring Weight:  O - 14 oz. | XLO - 18 oz.

Local Ring Weight:  14 oz.

Voltage Input:  10.5 - 16.4 VDC 

Amperage @ 12VDC:  O - 1.3 amps | XLO - 1.75 amps

Dimmer PWM Frequency:  20 kHz

Wireless Transceiver:  2.4GHz / Private ID

Default DMX Addresses:  509 (Warm) / 510 (Cool) 

Default DMX Address Range:  500-512 User Changeable 

Full Universe DMX Options:  Custom Range can be set prior to delivery 

Max Output Both Colors @ 3':  O - 280 fc | XLO - 372 fc

Max Output 2800º Only @3':  O - 133 fc | XLO - 177 fc

Max Output 6000º Only @3': O - 161 fc | XLO - 214 fc

Ambient Operating Temp:  10ºF / -12ºC  to 102ºF / 39ºC 

Shipping Weight:  20.5 Lbs. 

Shipping Dimensions:  20.66” x 17.20” x 8.40” 

Lense / Matte Box Configurations

Cinering® | was designed to work with 4x5 matte boxes and lenses as short as 24mm with a full frame sensor. We’ve found it can work on lenses as wide as 20mm, although you will need to pull the matte box back, remove bellows, and use a donut to accommodate this.

Cinering® | O works comfortably on 4x5 studio matte boxes as well as clip on matte boxes at most lens lengths, generally as wide as 20mm in most configurations. Soft matte boxes will require the rod mount Cinering®

Cinering® | XLO accommodates 6x6 matte boxes to 24mm and also fits 4x5 studio matte boxes. It will not fit on 4x5 clip on matte boxes. XLO is also the perfect ring light for anamorphic lenses.

Variety of Power Options

We offer a variety of power options including:

3 Pin Fischer (12V)   |   2 Pin Lemo (12V)   |   P-Tap   |   4 Pin XLR   |   JST   |   LiIon Battery Packs   |   AC Adapter

Power and Head Extensions

PH3 Head Extension, 3’ (Local Ring Only)

2.1mm Barrel Zoom Lens Extension, 3’

JST Extension, 1'

Wireless Control Options

RCU - Wireless Pocket Console w/ built in Transceiver

Stand Alone Transceiver - for use with Lighting Consoles

See Download for DMX Values 2800º - 6000º / 100º Increments & Available Profiles

Presets available in the RCU: (Color can be manually mixed as well)

2800º | 3000º | 3200º | 3800º | 4300º | 4800º | 5600º | 6000º

FCC Compliance Information

Wireless Control Ring & Wireless Pocket Console Contain Transceiver Modules

These devices comply with Part 15 of FCC Rules.

These devices may not cause harmful interference, and must accept interference received.


Canada IC: 4214A-XBEEPRO

Europe CE ETSI1